Acid Base Test Outline Acid base equilibrium

Acid Base Test Outline SCH4U

Acid Base Test Outline Acid base equilibrium
Acid base theories viz. all three definitions and examples
• Identify an acid base reaction from a reaction, attribute it to one or more of the theories
• Identify conjugate acid base pairs, identify Lewis acids and bases from examples
• Difference between dilute and concentrated acids
• Difference between strong and weak acids, bases, suitable examples needs to be known
• Difference between and examples of polyprotic acids
• Stage wise ionisation of polyprotic acids and equilibrium expressions for each step eg. Ka1, ka2 etc.
• Dissociation constants like Kw, Ka, Kb. Relation between them, ability to write expressions representing them.
• Percent ionization and how it can be used to determine pH of acidic solutions
• Relation between pH, pOH, pKw, ability to convert [H+] to pH and vice versa
• pH of acids, pH of bases, pH of buffers, Hendersen Hasslebach equations
• Hydrolysis, predicting hydrolysis based on the presence of strong conjugate bases and strong conjugate acids
• Titration problems, predicting pH of solutions obtained by mixing acids and bases, determining the limiting reagent and arriving at the pH of the resulting solutions.
• Determination of pH of weak acids and bases using Ka and Kb
• Ability to write Ka and Kb for hydrolysis of strong conjugate acids and strong conjugate bases pick an example for each and practice
• How would you predict the pH change of a solution obtained, if the salt that is dissolved in water is capable of undergoing both acidic and basic hydrolysis?
• Graphing, pH Vs Volume and prediction of equivalence point and end point for strong acid vs strong base, strong acid vs weak base, weak base vs strong acid.
• Theories of indicators, how would your pick an indicator, rationale behind picking an indicator.
• Difference Equivalence point and End point
• How would it be possible to determine Ka of weak acid from pH Vs Volume graph?
• Buffers, definition, how to prepare acidic buffers, basic buffers, calculate pH of buffers, predicting masses of salts required to prepare a buffered solution of a specific pH.
• What would be the criteria for picking a weak acid or base while preparing a buffer of a specific pH?


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