SCH3U Grade 11 Chemistry Course Content

SCH3U Grade 11 Chemistry Course Content.

This page deals with the topics relevant to sch3u grade 11 chemistry course of the Ontario Curriculum. There are 5 units in this course.
The 5 units that you will be dealing with in this 1 credit course is indicated in the course outline. This course is a mandatory pre-requisite for SCH4U. The grade 12 university level program is a continuation of the grade 11 chemistry course and ability to apply skills acquired in the grade 11 especially “Chemical Stoichiometry” is absolutely necessary to fit into the program. The grade 11 atomic structure and chemical bonding will not be repeated in grade 12 as you will be doing an independent study project on the topic, so the topic would be dealt with extensively with a view to complement the requirements of grade 12 course. Hence a  successful completion of the grade 11 course is definitely mandatory, obtaining an A+ or at least B+ would define your preparedness. This would eventually lead to a successful completion of your high school.

Course Content

sch3u grade 11 chemistry