Tiny Luxury Homes – Downsize in Style

If you plan to downsize and wish to maintain you style, these hitech homes are the way to go.
Base price for this house is 65K.

Cinnamon – Health Benefits – Lowers Blood Sugar

Cinnamon – Health Benefits – Lowers Blood Sugar

Cinnamon: Belongs to the family “Lauraceae”
There are two varieties of cinnamon
“Cinnamonum verus”, is called true Cinnamon which is commonly found in Sri Lanka or Ceylon, it is lighter in color sweeter and has a delicate flavor.
The other variety is Cinnamonum cassia
The bark of the tree is dried and powdered and used as spice and flavoring in pastries.Cinnamon contains Proanthocyanidin which is an antioxidant; they are a class of Polyphenols.

Health benefits:

A German study has shown that cinnamon lowers blood glucose in type II diabetics up to about 10%, adding cinnamon to your daily diet is a great idea if you are planning of controlling you carbohydrate intake.


Temporary Tattoo to monitor blood glucose levels

Here is an interesting scientific development.  Scientists from the University of California had developed a stick on tattoo to monitor blood glucose levels, in an almost non-invasive and simple way. However they are yet to tap the potential of this device to transfer the data collected.