Oxidation Numbers

How to determine oxidation numbers

Watch the video and answer the quiz questions that follow.

Quiz on Oxidation Numbers

[rapid_quiz question=”Oxidation is” answer=”loss of electrons” options=”loss of electrons|gain of electrons” notes=”Loss of electrons”]

[rapid_quiz question=”When reduction occurs” answer=”There is a decrease in oxidation number” options=”There is a decrease in oxidation number|There is an increase in oxidation number” notes=”Reduction is gain of electrons”]

[rapid_quiz question=”
When Magnesium looses 2 electrons as shown in the equation the process is called
Mg → Mg2+ + 2e
” answer=”Oxidation” options=”Reduction|Oxidation|Neither” notes=”Oxidation is loss of electrons or increase in oxidation numb er”]

[rapid_quiz question=”When S-2 changes to S the process is called S-2 → S + 2e
” answer=”Oxidation” options=”Reduction|Oxidation” notes=”Loss of electron is oxidation”]

[rapid_quiz question=”Group 1 metals have an oxidation number of ” answer=”+1″ options=”+1|-1|+7|18″ notes=”All group 1 metals have an oxidation number of +1 “]