Bomb Calorimeter Problem Solving:
Bomb Calorimeter is an important part of thermodynamics and is often an area of difficulty, when it comes to solving the problems related to this aspect of thermodynamics. For that reason watching this video of thermodynamics and solving problems on bomb calorimeter is an excellent decidion. The video has been created logically and in the right sequence of concepts.


Hess’s Law – Problem Solving
Hess’s Law is an important part of thermodynamics, solving problems in Hess’s Law could be at times challenging. This video tries to clear a number of your doubts in the problem solving part.

Bond Energy Problems:
After learning to solve Hess’s law, the next important task one has is to be able to solve enthalpy changes in thermodynamics using bond energies, quite often students are confused about the concept involved. Here in this video, you will get a simple method to solve the problem of thermodynamics with ease and clarity.


Born-Haber Cycle – Explained and problem solved
The final part of thermodynamics is solving the Born-Haber Cycle problems, which is kind of the culmination of thermodynamics problem solving. It involves all the different types of energy changes associated with the formation of a compound. For that reason, this is a must watch video, to wrap all the concepts involved in this thermodynamics lesson.


Nuclear Fission



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