Atomic Theories

Matter and Fundamental Particles

Watch the video and take the quiz to check your proficiency.


[rapid_quiz question=”The fundamental particles from which matter is made up is” answer=”Protons, neutrons and electrons” options=”Elements and Compounds|Protons and Neutrons|Protons, neutrons and electrons|Electrons and Protons” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Matter is made up of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. This theory was proposed by ” answer=”Aristotle and Plato 4th Century” options=”J.J Thompson|John Dalton|Niels Bohr|Aristotle and Plato 4th Century” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”The cathode ray tube experiment showed us that matter is made up of” answer=”Subatomic particles” options=”Electrons|Protons|Neutrons|Subatomic particles” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Subatomic particles are measured in this unit” answer=”Atomic Mass Units” options=”Kilogram units|Microgram units|Atomic Mass Units|Nanogram units” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”1 amu equals to” answer=”1/12th of a Carbon 12 atom” options=”12 Carbon atoms|6 Carbon atoms|12 Carbon -12 atoms|1/12th of a Carbon 12 atom” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Mass of an electron is very negligible, in comparison to a proton. the proton is ____________ times heavier than the electron” answer=”1837 ” options=”10|1000|1837 |12 ” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”The charge of a neutron is” answer=”Zero” options=”Zero|+ 1|- 1|Same as that of a proton” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”The charge of an electron is” answer=”-1.60218 E-19 Coulombs” options=”1.60218 E-19 Coulombs|-1.60218 E-19 Coulombs|-1|+1″ notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”The relative charge of a proton is” answer=”1″ options=”1|-1|-1.60218 E-19|+1.60218 E-19″ notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”What is the aspect that differentiates the different elements in the periodic table. ” answer=”The number of protons” options=”The number of neutrons|The number of protons|The number of electrons|The number of isotopes” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”The letter that represents the atomic number of an element is, which is also equal to the number of protons is” answer=”Z” options=”A|Z|E|Y” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Mass number is represented by the letter A and is the sum of ” answer=”Protons and neutrons” options=”Protons and electrons|Neutrons and electrons|Protons and neutrons|Protons, neutrons and electrons” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Atoms of the elements that have the same atomic number but different mass number is called” answer=”Isotope” options=”Isobar|Isotone|Isoelectronic|Isotope” notes=””]

[rapid_quiz question=”Protium is an isotope of hydrogen it has” answer=”1 proton and zero neutrons” options=”1 proton and 1 neutron|1 proton and 2 neutrons|1 proton and zero neutrons|1 neutron and zero protons” notes=””]