Solubility Product Metal Complexes

Solubility Product Metal Complexes

Metal Complexes

Chapter 22

  • Complex ions
  • Types of ligands
  • Writing formulas of metal complexes
  • Naming of metal complexes
  • Coordination number and shapes of complex compounds – use hybridization to explain bonding
  • Some common examples of complex ions in biological species

Solubility product

Chapter 18

  • Equilibrium of sparing soluble salts
  • Solubility product constant Ksp
  • Determination of Ksp from molar solubility
  • Ion product Vs Solubility product
  • Determining molar solubility from Ksp
  • Common ion effect, qualitative explanation and calculation
  • Predicting precipitation, problems
  • Selective precipitation of halides, sulfides, hydroxides, metals
  • Application of knowledge of Ksp
  • Use of complex ion formation in qualitative analysis
  • Separation of metal ions using Ksp


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