Thermodynamics For SCH4U, AP and IB Chemistry

Thermochemistry Topics

Updated version of videos for Thermodynamics topics



Hess’s Law Problems – Determination of heat of formation of Methane

Determine Enthalpy of Formation of Glucose

Hess’s Law

Bomb Calorimeter Problems

Hess’s Law Bond Energy Problems.

New Bond Energy Video

Born Haber Cycle

Nuclear Chemistry

Binding Energy Problem

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This page contains videos and links to a a number of topics related to thermochemistry. Appropriately watching videos and using the links suggested appropriately should help you understand the topics well. This page is suitable for high school students of all levels. The links on this page are amazing, if you take your time and go through the relevant category headings you will be able to navigate to most important topics. The links on this page are clustered based on the categories. There are a number of practice lessons also available. This will help you evaluate the skills you have learned from the different videos and worksheets.

The following presentation is on Second Law of Thermodynamics and Spontaneity. And how they are related to Equilibrium constant.