Quizzes for Space Unit

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Project Topics for Presentation

Topics for Presentation 2 Presentations per week Next week Group1 and 2
Make a power point and handout for the class with a quiz for the class based on the topics presented.

Group 1

Stars, Planets, Moon, Galaxies,
The Sun, The structure of the Sun, The sun’s surface, The suns effects on earth, The auroras, Communication disruption, radiation hazards.

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Group 2

The solar system: The sun and the planets, measuring distances in the solar system, planets big and small, Dwarf planets, asteroid belt, meteoroids, comets.
Motions of earth, the moon and planets, earths rotation, earths revolution and planetary orbits, motions of the moon, the force of gravity, explaining motion in the solar system, earths tilt, reason for seasons, phases of the moon, eclipses, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, tides,

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Group 3

Patterns in the night sky, constellations, the celestial sphere, calendar based on the sky, cultural significance’s of solstices and equinoxes, calendars based on the sky, aboriginal views of the sky
Observing celestial objects from earth, The ecliptic, changing views of the night sky, retrograde motion, navigating the night sky, azimuth and altitude,

Satellites, Staying in orbit, Types of orbits, Low earth orbit satellites, Medium earth orbit satellites, Geostationary orbit satellites, security satellites,

Group 4

Measuring distances beyond the solar system, Stellar distances,
The characteristics of stars, star brightness, apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, star color and temperature, the mass of a star

Group 5

The life cycle of stars, star beginnings, nuclear fusion, the hertzsprung-Russell diagram, position of the H-R diagram, the death star, stars like the sun, Red giant to White Dwarf, Stars more massive than the sun, neutron stars, black holes,
The formation of the solar system, the solar nebula theory, evidence for the solar nebula theory

Group 6

Star Clusters, Types of galaxies, the milky way galaxy, quasars – powerhouses of energy, galaxy clusters,
The origin and evolution of the universe, our expanding universe, redshift, dark matter, dark energy, the big bang theory, evidence of big bang theory, the future of the universe

Group 7

Space exploration, exploring space from earth, early telescopes, ground and orbital observation, radio telescopes, x-ray telescopes, gamma ray telescopes, hubble space telescope, human space exploration, working and living in space, space tools, canadarm, next generation arm, Canada lends a hand, rototic exploration, mars exploration, Saturn exploration,
Group 8
Getting into space, traditional fuel, alternative fuel, a feeling of weightlessness, health and other risks, medical monitoring, radiation alert, humans on mars, space junk,

Group 9

Space technology spinoffs, Canadarm robotic technology, global positioning systems, RADARSAT, SCISAT, Health Benefits, The environment, improved consumer goods,

The future of space exploration, after the space shuttle, the moon: a testing ground for mars exploration, challenges and dangers of exploring the moon and mars, space tourism, space elevator,

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